World War One 1915

War becomes "Total War" with German Zeppelin air raids on England.

February 4,1915
Germany declares a submarine blockade on Great Britain any ship approaching England is considered a legitimate target.

April 25,1915
Allies began nine month battle for the Turkish peninsula of Gallipoli.

May 7,1915
U-boat sinks the Lucitania,1,198 civilians, including 128 Americans die.

August 30,1015
Germany responds to U.S. anger by ceasing to attack ships without warning.

September 5,1915
Tsar  Nicholas takes command of the Russian armies.

September 15,1915
British use gas in the in battle near Loos,but shifting winds cause 60,000 British casualties deaths.

December 19,1915
Sir Douglas Haig becomes commander of British Expeditionary Force.

December 28,1915
Allies began withdrawal of troops from Gallipoli.